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An intentional community designed for socially-conscious entrepreneurs and artists on a mission.

About Us

Bliss House Network was founded by Christel Guillen in 2018. After working in the Washington, DC public school district as a teacher and administrator for 10 years, she noticed the large disparities between families in the school community and the resources they need to live a healthy, peaceful life. She had a mission and desire to bridge this gap by creating a network of wellness providers, educators, entrepreneurs and artists to make well-being more accessible. 

This vision came to life on December 3rd, 2021 when our platform went LIVE! We are a community of thoughtful, socially-responsible humans on a mission to live in our zone of genius and share our gifts with the world through a business, product, or service. We are all great at what we do, but need support with growing + nurturing our communities, which can feel overwhelming at times. We know when we come together, that not only is anything possible, the limitless potential becomes that much easier to achieve because we have support! We call this "Growth Squared."

We invite you to join us as we grow exponentially greater at being our Bliss Selves by working together in strategic collaborations and partnerships. In this community, engagement and community building are highly incentivized and even monetized. Members are also affiliate partners and have the opportunity to earn commission, bonuses, and equity shares for their contributions.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are ready to be a part of an intentional community that is focused on growth (personal, professional, and spiritual)? Then this is the place for you. This platform is curated by our Host (Christel) and Moderators to ensure the content is always a value-add and contributes positively to the life and well-being of its members. Meet highly qualified wellness practitioners, teachers, artists, coaches and more, all working together to achieve their BIG PURPOSE and exponential growth through strategic collaboration and community design. 

A Big Thanks

A special THANK YOU to our Founding Mentors and Partners: Christin Menendez Megan Holt Bhavin Shah Bruce Moore Venus Love MoNique Holland 

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